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Dr. Gregory Alan Thornbury x Made to Measure


Well Worn


Gregory Alan Thornbury, Ph.D., in his beloved Billy Reid Made To Measure suit. Photos by Josh Wool

Well Worn gives our friends the chance to share the backstory of their special attachment to a favorite Billy Reid design. This week, our friend Dr. Gregory Alan Thornbury, Ph.D., ponders the magic of his favorite Billy Reid pinstripe suit, from our Made To Measure custom clothing division.

In the summer of 2013, I moved from Tennessee to become the president of a college at the corner of Broadway and Exchange near Wall Street. In the space of a few weeks, I had to transition from a life of being a professor and dean to a new and different executive role. Since first impressions are important, I knew what I had to do. I picked up the phone and called Shelly Colvin at Billy Reid. It was time to make a Made To Measure appointment to be fitted for a suit. And to this day, every time I put it on, it still feels like my superhero suit.

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